A full-service California law firm delivering on integrity and excellence for over 30 years.

Our Philosophy Makes Us Different

Goyette, Ruano & Thompson (GRT Law) has provided world-class legal services across the state of California. Our law firm has a proven track record of success representing 10,000+ clients on both the defendant and plaintiff sides of a wide range of issues.

You never know when a legal situation is going to arise, and in some situations, it may not even be obvious that you need legal help. Not to mention, a large number of legal matters evolve or advance in scope to cover more than one type of legal discipline, which means that legal specialists need help with those aspects of cases. That’s why people who are dealing with legal matters that are more general in nature need the help of a mid-sized, full-service California law firm that can help them through whatever situations they encounter as they pursue a proper resolution.

Areas Of Practice

Goyette, Ruano & Thompson is a full-service California law firm that handles several different types of legal matters.

Labor &

Keeping your legal rights protected at your job is our job as Labor and Employment Lawyers.

Skilled Labor Negotiators


GRT Law is proud to provide both employee and employer representation.

Discreet & Professional Review


Business planning counsel and small business representation needed for unavoidable legal issues.

High-Quality, Comprehensive Counsel


GRT Law’s estate planning lawyers can help you determine the best way to secure your assets and protect their families.

Tailored Solutions


GRT Law’s license defense lawyers have advised thousands of professionals on license or credential defense matters.

Foresee Unique Challenges


Paul Goyette and GRT have an unparalleled record in representing high-profile criminal defendants in complex cases.

Unprecedented Win Streak

Our Offices

We also represent clients all over Northern and Central California, as we have law offices in: Sacramento, Fresno, Modesto & Redwood City.

Goyette, Ruano & Thompson is not your average Sacramento law firm. We have earned a top-notch reputation within the legal industry, and when we get involved in a situation, those on the other side know that it’s time to get down to business.

When you contact our California law office to schedule an initial consultation, you need to come prepared to ask us hard questions and to get to the answers you need as opposed to the ones you’d like. As a long-standing Sacramento law firm with a long track record of success, we owe it to all of our clients to give it to them straight right from the start. When we take a matter on, we pursue it through the end relentlessly, so if you’re ready to fight for justice, contact GRT Law today.

“Paul has the ability to fight the good fight and not only see through the distractions, but help others see through the distractions. Thanks to him, I was able to move in to a better position with the police department, and even achieve a promotion. I am so much happier, thanks Paul.”

– Dustin Brown

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