For years, our police and firefighters  have had Presumptive Eligibility for worker’s compensation benefits for  certain ailments including heart trouble, TB, pnumonia and other illnesses or injurys that were a result of thier jobs.
It looks like a similar bill for nurses is piggybacking on the same concept.
AB 1994 (Skinner) Presumptive Eligibility for RNs and Healthcare Workers
This bill would mandate that RNs and other healthcare workers that provide direct patient care receive presumed eligibility for workers comp benefits if they acquire H1N1 influenza, MRSA, blood borne illness or suffer a neck and/or back injury.
Take a look at the portion of the SacBee Article on AB 1994, that pertains to Kathryn Donohue. You’ll see that this nurse is proponent of the bill because she eventually had to abandon her own worker’s comp claim due to the complexity of the system and her inability to navigate it on her own. “You almost have to hire a lawyer,” she said. What if she had one through a career protection plan?  While RN Guardian is not a worker’s compensation firm, our attorneys would certainly be able to help RN’s such as Kathryn get their questions answered and offer our members a advice and consultations on how to best proceed.