The California Supreme Court will take up the appeal of The People of the State of California v. Ethan Saleem. G&A recently filed a letter of support with the Supreme Court requesting that the Court hear the appeal filed by the California Attorney General. The Saleem case involved an appeal by criminal defendant Ethan Saleem following his conviction for possession of body armor by a person previously convicted of a violent felony in violation of California Penal Code section 12370. The California Court of Appeal reversed Saleem’s conviction based on its finding that Section 12370 is unconstitutionally vague.
The Court’s decision in effect invalidates the statute, and thereby removes a vital protection for peace officers, as the statute prohibits violent felons from possessing body armor. G & A is hopeful that the Supreme Court overturns this decision as we believe the Appellate Court’s decision is legally erroneous, and invalidation of the statute represents a real threat to California Peace Officers.
G & A is hopeful that the Supreme Court overturns this decision in that we believe the decision represents a real threat to CA Peace Officers.

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