The mailing of the class Notice in the California Correctional Supervisors Organization (CCSO) lawsuit seeking the 3.125% retro pay for correctional supervisors has been delayed, despite the fact that the class is certified, and the parties have agreed upon the form and content of the class Notice. The mailing is delayed because the determination of the correct list of CCSO members within the certified class of “correctional supervisors” is dependent on information held by the State Controller’s Office (SCO). As soon as the attorneys for the state Department of Personnel Administration (DPA) are able to get the SCO to provide this information, the class mailing list will be finalized and the Notice will be mailed out. In the meantime, final discovery in this case, including depositions of California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) representatives, is being conducted. Goyette & Associates continues to litigate this case towards trial.