After the California Correctional Supervisors Organization (CCSO) Shaw and Kuhn cases seeking pay for pre and post shift walking time and other associated time were moved to the San Francisco Superior Court and coordinated with the statewide Stoetzl case, the class Notice was agreed upon and ready to be sent to all CDCR employees within the certified class; however there is now a three to four month delay in when this Notice will be mailed out. Due to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) and the Department of Personnel Administration (DPA) trying to argue that the state statutes at issue in this case do not apply to public employees, additional breach of contract claims may be added to the case, with associated class certification needed for those extra claims. The class Notice is therefore likely to be sent out in early October instead of in June. The core approach to the walking time case remains intact, and the goal of obtaining pay for the pre and post shift time at issue remains the same.