There is insurance for just about everything these days: vehicle, home, health; those are the biggies and they are essential. Then there’s boat, trailer, motorcycle, “toys”. That is important because those things are expensive and a big investment. Then there is what you would call “convenience insurance”, insurance that you pay because the hassle of the potential “big” expense is much greater than the little payment: life and pet insurance are great examples.

  • Where would you classify career insurance? Essential?
  • Where would you classify livelihood insurance? Important?
  • Where would you classify a benefit that saves your license  to do your job and continue to provide for yourself and your family? Convenient?

 However you would classify it, up until now it hasn’t been offered to Paramedics or EMTs and however you classify it, it is worth taking a look into.
EMS Guardian has been created JUST FOR YOU as a member of CSFA. It is a membership based license defense program that gives you access to legal professionals and attorneys, if your EMT or Paramedic License is EVER in jeopardy. We have been successfully defending nurses licenses for years and when we heard about new fingerprinting requirements for EMT’s and Paramedics, we contacted CSFA so that we could defend your licenses too.
So be patient, we are fine tuning a benefit for CSFA members unlike anything else out there: a way to insure your way of life, a way to safeguard your EMT and Paramedic license.
EMS Guardian is Coming Soon~!