A county Fire Lieutenant received serious injuries while on the job. After years of suffering, innumerable medical procedures and unsuccessful pain management, the officer sought a disability retirement.  Even though he had two permanent and stationary Worker’s Compensation awards, including lifetime medical coverage for his injuries, the county board denied his application under the County Employees’ Retirement Law. Goyette & Associates attorney Richard P. Fisher represented the client in his appeal to the county board.  Following a one day evidentiary hearing, the retired Superior Court Judge who presided over the case ruled entirely in our client’s favor and recommended that the disability retirement application be granted. On May 25, 2016 the county board approved the application and our client will now receive the disability retirement to which he was entitled as a hard-working firefighter. He was willing to put it all on the line to help others, even if that meant sacrificing his own personal well-being, and for that he truly deserved support.
County boards and CalPers are routinely denying disability retirement applications with the expectation that deserving peace officers and firefighters will simply go away. We encourage all individuals seeking a disability retirement to contact us to determine whether we can help you receive the retirement to which you are entitled under the law.