Nicole Valentine, of Goyette & Associates, Inc., was able to resolve the case of a former City of Woodland Firefighter who had been charged with felony counts of embezzlement arising from his alleged use of a City issued credit card for personal reasons.  Prosecution initially charged our client with 7 felony counts, including embezzlement, falsifying accounts, and misappropriation of funds.  Though the evidence supported the numerous felony counts against our client, Ms. Valentine was able to negotiate a plea agreement where the firefighter plead to a single misdemeanor count, and served a three year term of probation. The client had previously resigned from his service at the City of Woodland Fire Department.
The resolution of this case is yet another example of the value and importance of a well-organized and persistent defense plan in multiple count felony count against public safety employees.  Paul Q. Goyette, a veteran of hundreds of safety employee prosecutions commented.
“Many times, the cases against California public sector employees are grossly overcharged and often done so with little or no evidentiary foundation.   Initially the shock to the employee can be debilitating when faced with many years or possibly decades in state prison.  It is important to put together a well thought out and organized defense plan, and stick with it, no matter what.”
Nicole Valentine, a veteran associate of Goyette & Associates, Inc., is focused on the criminal and licensing defense of California public sector employees, including nurses, firefighters, EMT’s and paramedics.  She represents clients from negotiation through to hearing or jury trial.