Brandon Largent, Attorney

Brandon Largent

Provisionally Licensed Lawyer

Brandon is a provisionally licensed lawyer who has spent several fruitful years at GRT. During his tenure at GRT, Brandon has established himself by adeptly handling a broad spectrum of responsibilities across GRTs diverse legal sectors. Brandon’s duties regularly encompass labor and employment law, notably in areas such as collective bargaining, progressive discipline, and administrative appeals before various federal and state administrative tribunals. Furthermore, Brandon has gained experience through assisting with, or directly managing, a range of responsibilities including writs and appeals, civil litigation, and criminal defense.

Brandon’s expertise also extends to overseeing transactional law related to international commodities transactions. In this role, he serves as a pivotal figure in assessing the often-complex web of trade regulations, contracts, and negotiations, all related to the handling of sensitive information ranging from agricultural products to energy resources, and rare earth or critical minerals.

In addition to transactions, Brandon regularly navigates the intricacies of governance and compliance for various business clients, ensuring the continuous alignment of operations with legal standards and best practices. Brandon works with a number of entrepreneurs in every phase of the business lifecycle, from the strategic groundwork required to initiate new ventures, to the nuanced processes involved in winding down or dissolving existing enterprises. Brandon’s forward-thinking approach has guided numerous businesses through growth phases, skillfully navigating the complexities of acquisition and franchising, thereby unlocking new avenues for expansion and collaboration.

Beyond these conventional duties, Brandon continues to work on the integration of emerging technologies, including blockchain and artificial intelligence, into GRT s operations. This forward-thinking strategy, combined with GRTs dynamic efforts to stay at the forefront of these expanding sectors, has markedly improved the firm’s capacity to serve its clients and stakeholders with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Brandon’s experience is enriched and enhanced by his background in public service, stemming from his time as a peace officer, and proud veteran of the United States Marine Corps. The experiences derived from service imbued qualities that are palpable in Brandon’s approach to his work, consistently ensuring that the interests of clients, and internal stakeholders, are upheld with speed, proficiency, and a desire to make a positive difference.