Brent Sherman Attorney

Brett Sherman

Attorney at Law

Brett Sherman, Esq., is a distinguished attorney and a valued member of the Goyette, Ruano & Thompson legal team since 2010. With a focus on the firm’s renowned Labor & Employment Department, Brett demonstrates a wealth of experience in representing public safety employees across a comprehensive spectrum of legal matters.

His practice encompasses adept handling of internal affairs investigations, pre-disciplinary “Skelly” hearings, “White” hearings, grievances, post-disciplinary appeals before administrative bodies, and criminal proceedings. Brett’s commitment to excellence is evident in his track record of delivering exceptional legal counsel to clients in the realm of labor and employment law.

In addition to his role as a dedicated advocate for public safety employees, Brett plays a pivotal role in representing public safety unions during the meeting and confer process, negotiating terms of employment, and addressing working conditions. His extensive familiarity with the Public Safety Officers and Firefighters Procedural Bill of Rights Acts underscores his comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape.

Brett’s practice extends to representing law enforcement officers involved in critical incidents and officer-involved shootings. Additionally, as a distinguished member of the RN Guardian Panel, he serves as a legal ally for nurses facing investigations and prosecutions by the California State Attorney General’s Office on behalf of the Board of Registered Nursing (BRN).

Before joining GRT, Brett garnered valuable experience in a pharmaceutical drug class action law firm. His background as a law clerk on both plaintiff and defense sides of personal injury litigation enhances his nuanced approach to legal challenges. This background seamlessly aligns with GRT’s reputation for handling extensive state and federal wage and hour class actions on behalf of employees.

During his undergraduate studies, Brett distinguished himself as a Member of the Pre-Law Society and Order of Omega Honor Society. He interned for and later directed the Welfare Rights Organization, where he provided crucial legal information to indigent community members and contributed to cases argued before Administrative Law Judges. This multifaceted experience equips Brett with a distinctive edge when navigating the administrative process on behalf of individuals.
Licensed to practice law in the State Courts of California and the United States District Court for the Eastern, Central, and Northern Districts of California, Brett stands as a dedicated legal professional committed to achieving excellence for his clients.