Eric Acevedo, Attorney

Eric Acevedo

Attorney at Law

Eric R. Acevedo has been an Attorney with the Goyette, Ruano & Thompson teams since 2009 and previously worked as a legal research clerk for the team while attending law school since 2006.  Eric temporarily left the firm in 2013 to move closer to his family and opened a private practice in South Lake Tahoe, California.  In 2015, Eric became the Public Defender in Alpine County, California.  During his time in the South Lake Tahoe area, Eric also worked as the self-help attorney for both Alpine and El Dorado Counties, where he assisted parties without legal representation in filing and responding to legal actions, including dissolution of marriages, child custody, unlawful detainers, and other small claims and civil actions.  Eric returned to Goyette, Ruano & Thompson in the fall of 2020, where he now focuses on the firm’s renowned Labor & Employment Department and Criminal department.

Eric has a vast amount of experience in the representation of public employees, specifically public safety employees, in a full range of areas, including but not limited to pre-disciplinary investigations and hearings, employee grievances and appeal hearings before local government committees, private arbitrators, and the State Personnel Board.  Additionally, Eric continues to practice as a criminal defense attorney with experience in misdemeanor and felony cases.

Legal Experience Summary:

  1. Criminal Defense: Represented clients in criminal cases, ensuring their rights are protected and providing effective defense strategies.
  2. Employment Disciplinary Proceedings: Advised and represented employees facing disciplinary actions in the workplace.
  3. “Skelly” Due Process Hearings: Advocated for employees during administrative hearings related to adverse employment actions.
  4. Death in Custody (DIC) Proceedings: Handled cases involving deaths occurring while in custody, addressing legal implications and rights.
  5. Officer-Involved Shooting (OIS) Proceedings: Represented law enforcement officers in cases related to use of force incidents.
  6. Grievance Arbitration: Assisted clients in resolving workplace disputes through arbitration processes.
  7. Public Safety Officer’s Procedure Bill of Rights Act (POBRA) Violations: Advocated for law enforcement officers’ rights under POBRA.
  8. Firefighter’s Procedural Bill of Rights Act Violations: Represented firefighters in matters related to their procedural rights.
  9. Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) Unfair Labor Practice Proceedings: Handled labor disputes and unfair practice allegations.
  10. State Personnel Board Evidentiary Hearings: Represented state employees in hearings related to employment matters.
  11. Nurse Representation with the Board of Registered Nursing: Assisted nurses in navigating legal issues before the nursing board.
  12. Self-Help Attorney for Alpine County and El Dorado County (South Lake Tahoe): Provided legal guidance to self-represented litigants in various matters.
  13. Family Law Matters, Divorce, Unlawful Retainers, Small Claims Actions, etc.: Assists in a wide range of family law cases, divorce proceedings, unlawful retainer disputes, and small claims actions.