Nicole Valentine, Attorney

Nicole Valentine

Attorney at Law

Nicole Valentine is a skilled attorney with a robust background in professional licensing defense and criminal defense. Here’s a summary of her key qualifications and expertise. Nicole Valentine has been practicing law for over a decade. She was admitted to practice in June of 2006. Before joining Goyette, Ruano & Thompson, Nicole primarily handled criminal cases. She successfully defended clients in jury trials and pre-trial motion hearings and negotiated reduced charges and dismissals for her clients. She received accolades from judges and opposing counsel for her vigorous representation of both adult and juvenile clients. Nicole earned her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Central Florida and her Juris Doctorate from the University of the Pacific’s McGeorge School of Law.

Areas of Practice

Nicole Valentine offers criminal defense for licensed professionals, handling misdemeanor and felony charges such as DUI, drug offenses, and license-related matters. She offers counsel on the impact of legal issues on professional licenses and has a track record of negotiating favorable outcomes to prevent disciplinary actions.

In professional licensing matters, Nicole has successfully defended clients before various regulatory boards, achieving closures of complaints, dismissals of accusations, and non-disciplinary citations and fines. Additionally, she represents employees in internal affairs interviews and hearings, successfully overturning terminations and negotiating resignations when necessary.

Nicole’s achievements include negotiating dismissals of accusations, overturning accusations after hearings, successful motions, and reversing employment terminations, showcasing her exceptional legal skills and dedication to her clients’ interests.


  • Member of the National Council of Jewish Women
  • Represented client accused of gross negligence and unprofessional conduct at hearing. Result: Accusation dismissed by judge and adopted by Board of Registered Nursing.
  • Represented client accused of driving under the influence before the Board of Registered Nursing. Result: Accusation dismissed by judge and adopted by Board.
  • Represented a nurse with 2 DUI convictions before the Nursing Board. Result: Client was able to keep her nursing license and her employment status as a Director of Nursing.
  • Represented a nurse with a .23% BAC DUI conviction before the Nursing Board. Result: Won client Public Reproval after hearing and Board adopted decision.
  • Represented a nurse whose license was revoked due to failure to file notice of defense. Result: Restored the client’s nursing license reversing the revocation and negotiated a stipulated settlement of probation.
  • Represented a nurse charged with the crime of practicing without a license. Result: Negotiated a dismissal of charges with the District Attorney and reversed a Citation and Fine issued by the Nursing Board.
  • Represented a nurse charged with 17 felony counts of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud. Result: Negotiated a dismissal of charges in exchange for client’s completion of treatment and payment of restitution.
  • Represented a firefighter charged with 7 felony counts of embezzlement. Result: Negotiated a single misdemeanor with informal probation.
  • Represented a nurse charged with DUI with a .15 BAC. Result: Negotiated a wet reckless, client received a citation and fine from the Nursing Board.
  • Represented a firefighter charged with a DUI. Result: Negotiated a wet reckless and reduced the disciplinary penalty in client’s employment.
  • Represented a firefighter with a 0.09 BAC. Result: Negotiated a dry reckless and prevailed at DMV hearing reinstating client’s driver’s license.
  • Represented two County employees facing termination for dishonesty. Results: Reversed termination of employment at administrative hearing and arbitration.
  • Represented a psychiatric technician charged with felony drug sales. Results: Negotiated a simple possession felony eligible to be reduced to a misdemeanor upon successful completion of probation.

Represented a firefighter involved in an administrative investigation for use of controlled substances. Results: Investigation unsubstantiated.