Paul Goyette Entrepreneur Lawyer

Paul Goyette

Founder, CEO & Partner

Paul Goyette is a visionary entrepreneur at the forefront of legal innovation and business strategy. With a rich history spanning over three decades in the legal arena, Paul’s entrepreneurial spirit ignited in 1988 when he embarked on his legal career. In 1992, he blazed a trail by founding Goyette, Ruano & Thompson, Inc., driven by a vision to revolutionize the legal landscape and deliver unparalleled results for his clients.

As the driving force behind GRT, Paul leads dynamic teams, shaping client development strategies and pioneering marketing initiatives. His role as Chief Legal Counsel extends to over 100 public and private sector organizations, where he applies his entrepreneurial flair to navigate complex legal landscapes and drive business success.

Paul is the founder and president of asset transaction and governance Law Group (ATG Law), a dba of Lannister LC. ATG law focus is strictly on national and international transactions where Paul’s team serves as the transactional lawyers as well as providing a wide array of other services including paymaster services kind of corporate structuring, tax mitigation strategy and other necessary and related services.

Beyond his legal ventures, Paul’s entrepreneurial prowess shines through as the mastermind behind RNGuardian, EMSGuardian, and G Ventures, LLC., where he continues to break new ground and drive innovation. His strategic leadership extends to Sonrn21, Mother DAO Labs and Primal Quest Inc., where he serves as an owner, chief legal officer, board member, and director, harnessing his entrepreneurial vision to steer those companies to new heights of success.

Paul’s legal expertise is as diverse as his entrepreneurial ventures, with a strong focus on trial advocacy. He boasts an impressive record of over 50 cases brought to jury verdict in both Federal and State Courts, a testament to his entrepreneurial approach to securing optimal outcomes efficiently and effectively. His courtroom mastery, honed through numerous trials and arbitrations, positions him as a formidable advocate and strategic partner for his clients.

In addition to his legal pursuits, Paul is a sought-after speaker, sharing his entrepreneurial insights and legal expertise with audiences worldwide. His engaging presentations on pertinent legal topics underscore his commitment to driving innovation and advancing legal education.

Paul’s entrepreneurial spirit has garnered widespread acclaim, with media coverage highlighting his successful defense in high-profile trials and his contributions to legal reforms. His unwavering dedication to entrepreneurship and legal excellence continues to define his legacy as a trailblazer in both realms.