Jon Crawford

Labor Representative, Former Undersheriff, Napa County

Meet Jon Crawford, a seasoned Labor Representative with over 27 years of invaluable experience in Law Enforcement. Jon’s journey began at the Napa County Sheriff’s Office, where he served in various capacities, including custody, court security, investigations, and problem-oriented policing.

A proud alumnus of CSU, Chico, Jon’s dedication to continuous learning led him to focus on Homicide Investigation, earning certification through the ICI. Throughout his career, Jon responded to several Officer Involved Shootings, showcasing his adeptness in leading investigations from both criminal and administrative standpoints.

Jon’s leadership prowess shone brightly during his tenure as the president of the Napa County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association, where he adeptly negotiated contracts and navigated complex personnel matters for nearly a decade. His tenure culminated in serving as the Undersheriff of Napa County, where he gained invaluable insights into labor issues from a unique perspective.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Jon cherishes spending time with his family, often found exploring the great outdoors on horseback, camping, and honing his culinary skills.

With a wealth of experiences and a steadfast commitment to excellence, Jon Crawford continues to make a profound impact in labor relations, drawing upon his extensive background to advocate for the rights and well-being of his colleagues.