G&A lawyers obtained an insurance policy limits settlement for the passenger of a vehicle who was injured when the driver lost control and hit a telephone pole.  Justin Harris sustained severe injuries when the car in which he was riding hit a telephone pole.  The 2013 accident occurred when the then 19 year old Harris was riding with a group of friends in rural Calaveras County.  The driver, a close friend of Harris’, was driving a high rate of speed eastbound on Highway 12 when without significantly slowing, he exited Highway 12 at a “Y” onto a much smaller frontage road.  For reasons which never became entirely clear, the driver lost control of the car which began fishtailing and skidding.  The car skidded sideways and struck a telephone pole at the driver side rear passenger door area, which was right where Harris was sitting.  Harris actually struck the pole with his upper body and forehead, and was knocked unconscious.
While other occupants of the car only sustained minor injuries, Mr. Harris was a different story.  He suffered numerous fractures, most significantly to his skull and right leg.  He also suffered severe cuts and bruises.  Harris was life lighted to UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento where he was stabilized, and eventually began a long and grueling recovery process.
Initially, G&A lawyers thought the driver, who was only 20 at the time of the accident, had little or no insurance or assets.  However after a thorough investigation it was discovered that the driver’s family, which owned a prominent business, had an umbrella policy that covered their children up to the age of 25.  There was hope that there might be some monetary recovery for Mr. Harris, yet the insurance company initially denied any coverage on the case.  Suit was prepared and G&A retained the necessary accident reconstruction experts to investigate and evaluate the exact cause of the accident.  After further investigation, the results were shared, and after a long negotiation period, the insurance company agreed to pay their entire policy limits.
Today, Mr. Harris has made a full recovery from what could have easily been a fatal accident.  G&A lawyers were happy to help secure Mr.  Harris’ financial future.