In a very satisfying ruling by the State Personnel Board, G&A Senior Labor and Employment Law attorney Richard P. Fisher was able to help keep alive our client’s dream of becoming a peace officer. As part of the State of California application process, our client was denied the opportunity to pursue peace officer positions in state service based on a flawed psychological evaluation that found our client to be “unfit.”  After looking at the lack of evidence supporting this arbitrary ruling, and taking advantage of the appeal process available to peace officer applicants, G&A was able to prepare our client for a successful appeal presentation to the Board, who promptly overturned the denial and found our client to be “free from any job relevant psychological, emotional or mental traits, characteristics, or conditions that might adversely affect the performance of the duties and powers of a peace officer.”  Needless to say, this decision sets the record straight and removes what could have been for our client a lifelong stigma in the law enforcement community.  “We are pleased and gratified that the Board carefully considered all of the evidence and came to a just decision that accurately reflects the truth; that our client is an outstanding young man with a bright career in law enforcement ahead of him.”  Given the potential downside that can result from a negative evaluation given to those seeking a peace officer career in state government, all such applicants are encouraged to call Goyette & Associates to ensure they are well-prepared for the process.