Paul Goyette and his trial team have put their expert trial skills to good use and have pieced together an extraordinary winning streak in high profile criminal defense cases dating back to 1995.
An El Dorado county jury took only 45 minutes to find Christopher Gold Not Guilty of four felony and misdemeanor counts of assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury and battery. That extends the winning streak to 30. Paul and the G&A trial team have received favorable verdicts 30 cases in a row!
How are Paul and the G&A trial team able to achieve such extraordinary results?

  • First, its talent. Paul is an extraordinarily talented trail lawyer and has the uncanny ability to develop a positive and favorable relationship with the jury and gain favorable results for his clients. The key to any successful trial practice is to get the jury to know, like and trust Paul, his client and his case. There’s no text book to read as to how to best accomplish his goal. Paul has developed a unique system over many years of establishing credibility, trust and confidence with all the people I the courtroom, but most importantly, the jury. Simply put -the unique talents of Paul and the trial team cannot be created by any amount of law school education, training or even experience. By comparison, professional athletes such as Tim Lincecum in baseball or LeBron James in basketball are successful for many reasons including work ethic, focus, and competitive zeal. However, each athlete relies on pure talent that simply cannot be duplicated by other athletes regardless of how hard they work or completive they play. Paul and the G&A trial team use that talent, along with unparalleled preparation and a relentlessly competitive approach to accomplish the goal: winning

Who does Paul and Trial Team Represent?

  • Paul and G&A admittedly represent a certain type of client that has the ability to win. The G&A team does not represent career criminals, gang bangers or even petty thieves. Paul and the G&A team represent clients who have enormous career and financial ramifications at stake -not to mention those clients don’t have the experience and skills to cope with jail or prison time. They represent high profile clients including elected officials, police officer and other public safety employees, corporate executives and celebrities. Paul and G&A represent clients who MUST WIN THEIR CASES.

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