Goyette & Associates, Inc. Becomes Goyette, Ruano & Thompson, Inc.

Rafael Ruano and Daniel Thompson join founder Paul Goyette as name partners

19 July 2021, Gold River, CA – Over 25 years after its inception, Goyette & Associates is now Goyette, Ruano & Thompson, Inc. as tenured attorneys Rafael Ruano and Daniel Thompson join Paul Goyette as “name partners”.

“Rafael and Dan have been at the firm for nearly 15 years and have been closely involved with its high-level operations for some time now,” says Paul Goyette, Founder and CEO. “This was a natural transition, and I am excited to be reinforcing our firm’s foundation and continuing to push strongly towards the future.”

The firm, and Goyette’s role, will continue operationally just as it has, so the changes are in name only. However, the name change still marks a major milestone moment for the Sacramento-based labor and employment law firm.

Of course, it is also a major milestone for the new name partners, as well.

“Paul Goyette has been an incredible role model as an attorney and entrepreneur. It has been exciting to have worked closely with Paul and Dan Thompson in growing and diversifying our firm’s practice areas,” Mr. Ruano says. “Having my name [Ruano] in the firm’s name is humbling and serves as a reminder that I am now personally responsible for all of our firm’s clients and our incredible team of attorneys, labor representatives and support staff.”

Thompson expands with his own comments,“Having been a part of this firm for nearly 15 years I am constantly reminded that our brand stands for excellence, customer service, teamwork and meeting our clients’ needs.  I count it a privilege and incredible opportunity to now carry that same vision into the future with both Paul and Rafael now under our collective names.”

Goyette, Ruano & Thompson, Inc. can be reached at (916) 851-1900 and online at frontdesk@grtlaw.com and www.grtlaw.com with any questions.