bondsI feel so much safer that Federal Authorities are spending boat loads of tax payers’ dollars getting bad guys off the street and keeping our children safe at their schools by … prosecuting retired baseball star Barry Bonds.  Are you kidding me?  Ah, but remember, this case isn’t about Bonds.  This case is about putting certain Federal Investigators and Prosecutors on the fast track of a promotion.  Federal Authorities aggressively pursue criminal investigations and prosecutions against a class of persons described as “celebrity” subjects.  These people are typically politicians, elected officials, high ranking government officials, public safety employees like police officers, and true celebrities like professional athletes and movie stars. 
Federal prosecutors with a great deal of latitude in selecting cases the wish to prosecute through the Federal Courts.  U.S. Attorney’s office, the FBI no budgetary limitations, especially when compared to with their State and County counterparts. And it is important to note, that the Government isn’t prosecuting Bonds for taking performance enhancing drugs.  Why not?  Because it probably wasn’t a crime and if it was, it would be a minor infraction.  No, the Government is prosecuting Bonds for obstruction of justice and perjury which are charges that carry far greater penalties than any underlying  allegation.