Hi Jennifer,
 My Name is David Barajas and yesterday (06-24-10) I met with Lauro A. Paredes for the first time regarding my case in Stanislaus County Probation. I just wanted to inform Goyette & Associates that I was very confident with representation and professionalism that your firm conducting themselves during a very stress full time in my career.
 When I met Mr. Paredes on 6-24-10 in the interview room I was making a comment to him that I had just read a article from PORAC News Vol. 46 No.5 May 2010 about an employee in Contra Costa County Probation and how he was vindicated from his actions. Mr. Paredes informed me that he represented that officer. The story in the article was great and shows that with the right experts, officers can be exonerated. 
I also wanted you to pass on to Attorney Dan Thompson and Labor Representative Paul Konsdorf for working as a team and giving me a positive outlook and getting me through a most stress full ordeal in my 15 year career. Both Mr. Konsdorf and Mr. Thompson assisted me with my legal rights along with moral support. Mr. Konsdorf was the first person I contacted and he always returned my calls promptly and I felt very confident from day one.
 Again Thank You! To Goyette & Associates.