Mr. and Mrs. Don,
 Thank you both for the kind words and for trusting our Firm with such an important decision. We’re flattered that you chose us and glad to have eased some of the anxiety that comes along with accepting a severance agreement. We would love to meet you and you’re welcome to drop by! Let me know what time you were thinking and we can arrange to be here.
All my best,
Jennifer Coalson-Perez
Chief of Staff
Goyette & Associates, Inc.
 From: _______________
Sent: Monday, April 12, 2010 2:08 PM
To: Joy C. Rosenquist; Jennifer Coalson
Subject: Thank You, Goyette & Associates
 Joy and Jennifer,
 I want to thank both of you for the time spent reviewing my case. It was so much of a  relief to know some answers to what has happened to me on 3-15-2010, being laid off. To have your input and advise; My Wife and I appreciate every thought that was forwarded. I know we’ve never met each other and that probably happens a lot. My Wife and I will plan a trip up around your area for the day sometime and would like to just stop by and say hi and thank you personally. Do you both have a day that you would be in that isn’t so busy for you that would work after this week. 
Sincerely, Best Wishes
Mr. and Mrs. Don