No Statute of Limitations on RN DUIs… or anything else for that matter

Skeleton with nurse

There are some skeletons hanging beside scrubs in closets around California. And the BRN doesn’t care how old they are.

I just took a call this morning from an RN with a DUI from 2 years ago; it is only now coming under investigation by the Board of Registered Nursing. She’s thinking : “why did it take so long for them to find out?” I’m thinking: “wow, the Board is really picking up the pace!!!”
There is no Statute of Limitations on what the California Board of Registered Nursing can investigate. This means that Nurse Doe’s DUI from 2 years ago is a relatively new investigation compared to many of the Nurses our Lawyers represent.  We have DUI’s rearing their heads from 1998. That’s right.

  • First time DUI from 1998.
  • Pristine record ever since.
  • RN is as dry as the Mojave.
  • It is off the nurse’s auto insurance.
  •  It isn’t counted by the DMV.

It’s ancient history, except that the BRN has figured out it can make a little cash if they drag it out and dust it off and use it for an “investigation”.
Side note: we won’t get into this in this blog piece, you can read more about the BRN Shakedown here
Combine a Board of Nursing who has been scolded like a bad dog with the relatively newly mandated Livescan fingerprinting requirements and you end up with a hotbed of investigations into Registered nurses’ licenses throughout the state of California.
Livescan works like this: You go to a Livescan location, place your fingers on the glass, and it scans your fingerprints.  This information is then transmitted to the California Department of Justice for California and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for state and nationwide criminal record checks. The information from the records check usually reaches the California Board of Registered Nursing in about two weeks.
So if you have any little Skeletons in your closet (apropos I think, for the Halloween holiday season) you may want to consult an attorney that specializes in representing California Registered nursing licenses. And if you don’t feel like forking over a few thousand dollars to do so, RN Guardian may be a good bet. We can even help physicians with their license defense. Don’t leave your livelihood up to chance. Call us with any questions.