Dan ThompsonGoyette & Associates is proud of the top level team of attorneys in each of our practice areas. Take a moment to learn more about what Dan Thompson, Senior Labor and Employment Lawyer, enjoys about his role on the Goyette team.
How long have you worked for G&A?
I  have worked for G&A since July 9, 2007
You handle various types of legal matters.  Which do you find most challenging?
The most challenging types of cases that I handle are probably terminations of employment.  They are often the most complex, carry the most severe ramifications and for public employees, can create repercussions to that individual’s’ ability to earn a living or provide for their family for the rest of their lives.  Besides that perhaps the most challenging are providing legal advice to a board of directors.  They are often tasked with handling numerous legal issues and relationships that affect an entire body of people.  There are complex relationships and personalities to navigate while still having to advise them with regard to fiduciary obligations and legal options.
Which do you find most rewarding?
I don’t think that I can say that any particular type of case or practice area is more enjoyable/rewarding that others.  However I will say that being able to come alongside someone who is facing a potentially life-altering crisis (loss of professional license, loss of employment etc.) and helping them to come through that in one piece with a successful outcome is hugely rewarding.  Being able to call a client and tell them, “we won” and to experience their joy and reaction is highly rewarding and motivating.
What has been the highlight of your time at Goyette and Associates?
Rather than answer what the highlight question with an event or moment, I think that perhaps my greatest reward is being part of a dynamic team and growing company that has been an absolutely wonderful experience to work for.  You can do legal work for 1,000 different firms/clients/practice areas but I often speak to colleagues in my field that are unhappy with more than one aspect of where they work and who they work for.  I cannot say the same.  The environment at Goyette is supportive, creative, team-oriented and they respect their employees and reward them for hard work.  I told Paul when I was hired that I did not want to look for a new job in 2 years as most new associates do and I am happy to say I have never felt the need to do so.
What is the best part of being on the Goyette Team?
The best part of being on the Goyette team is probably partially answered above.  However I think one of the unique aspects of our office is that you are treated with autonomy to manage your caseload and clients as assigned but at the same time, should you require support or collaboration, it is readily given.  Over the years I have really worked (as one of the sr. associates) to further that team environment and open door policy while building younger associates up with confidence and a skill set they can grow with.