On November 10, 2009 an employee at the High Desert State Prison received some of the worst news anyone in today’s economy can receive; she was terminated effective immediately.  She contacted Goyette and Associates to help her in this time of crisis and her case was assigned to attorney Dan Thompson.  For state employees who have an appeal right to the State Personnel Board, a pre-hearing settlement conference is first required to attempt to resolve the matter.  At the settlement conference only 4 months later, Attorney Thompson was able to successfully salvage her career.  Instead of a termination, Dan negotiated a voluntary demotion to another job classification (with almost identical pay) while working with a different supervisor with whom she did not have the same conflicts.  In addition, her ability to promote in the future was not restricted, the notice of adverse action imposing the termination was withdrawn and she also received some back pay.  In today’s economy all of your appeal options must be aggressively pursued and thoroughly utilized to obtain the best possible resolution in a system that can be painfully slow.  Goyette and Associates takes full advantage of each stage of appeal to obtain the best possible result for their clients.