Hello Jennifer,
 Rafael and I communicated by email before the holidays.  If memory serves me, we were going to give [our current representative]  until after the first to respond to our request for the return of our records.  To date I have not heard from them.
Regarding [your poetntial associaition],  We would be glad to talk with them.  I had a voicemail from [them] before Christmas.  I called him back yesterday.  He was not in so I left a voicemail with the investigation secretary.  I will follow up to make sure he received it.  Let me try him again tomorrow.  If I am not able to talk with him, I would be glad to write something for you to provide to them.
I have to say that we have had more contact with you these past few weeks than we have had from [our current representative] in at least the past three years.  Many times, while paying association bills, I wondered what exactly we were paying them for.  We are very happy to be re-associated with Paul and his firm.  Our prior association with him was severed due to a unilateral decision by one person, which turned out to be a very bad decision for our members.  Many people who were here then, and still with us today, were very happy to hear the news. 
I will email you tomorrow.
 Thank you,