Police Officer with Hayward PD was recently served with a notice of a 1 week suspension without pay in addition to a 1 pay step reduction for an entire year.  The allegations giving rise to this discipline pertained to eleven departmental reports that were alleged to have been turned in late or not properly completed.  Goyette attorney Dan Thompson conducted a detailed and lengthy Skelly hearing on behalf of the officer and went through each report and the circumstances surrounding it.  As a result, the Chief only sustained discipline on 5 reports and reduced the discipline to a 1 pay step reduction for 12 pay periods.  The reason this hearing was successful was due to the time invested to properly evaluate the facts and bring to light each detail in our client’s favor.  In addition to simply conducting the Skelly on the facts, Dan also worked with the Chief to find a method by which the officer could avoid similar problems in the future thereby working towards a long term solution for his client.