The State Personnel Board (SPB) is a government agency established by the state constitution.  The SPB oversees the recruitment and selection of over 200,000 state employees; including: law enforcement, educators, emergency services, and others.  The Board assists state departments by simplifying civil service laws, rules, and policies and performs audits of those departments to ensure compliance with the merit system.

SPB also serves as an adjudicatory council, hearing and deciding alleged violations of the law filed by employees, applicants, and the public.  Board members review and prepare recommended decisions on an array of complaints and non-evidentiary merit appeals such as: examination appeals, merit issue complaints, failure of pre-employment drug tests, withholds from certification, voided appointments, and issues regarding an applicant’s ability to meet qualifications for civil service positions.

SPB also handles personnel appeals filed by state employees regarding dismissal, suspension, demotion, reprimands, and termination.  The Board’s Administrative Law Judges hear these cases and recommend decisions to the board.

If you run afoul any of the rules governing the employement of public employees, consult our Associates to reach a good conclusion.