The sold out Goyette & Associates conference on “New Strategies for Political Engagement” held in Sacramento yesterday and was an overwhelming success.
We received a wealth of information on how to talk to reporters, use social media, engage the community, build coalitions, engage local elected officials and get politically involved.  The lunch panel discussion gave us some great insights into what we will be confronted by as the state’s financial crisis continues to be the dominant issue.  It is clear to all of those who attended the conference that the next several years will require a shift in tactics to protect our members and the public.
Response to the conference has been so favorable that we are working now to schedule a second seminar with an additional emphasis on how to engage local elected officials and work with coalitions to craft new solutions to issues all of us face.
Thanks to all of the presenters and participants who made the first seminar such a success.  We will see real results in the future as Association efforts lay the foundation for a much stronger position in negotiations in the future.
Some things we learned:
Speaker Jon Hamm said – “educate members now, don’t wait.”
Supervisor Andy Vasquez said to engage politicians early
Paul Goyette encouraged unions to form partnerships w elected – solve their problems in win win
Josh Cook said – “don’t start a fight unless you are ready to win”
Dan Cohen said – “step #1 is to make a plan – find out who your friends are and build from there.”
Officer Dimmitt said “social media is easy and the fastest way to build your local army of supporters.” 
With that said…. We encourage ALL of those who attended to meet Paul and the G&A team on our Facebook pages (just click the links and “like” us!) You can also follow us on Twitter or join our network on Linkedin. If you don’t have a Facebook account it is easy to join, if you have questions, feel free to call me and I would love to help walk you through it.