I know as a consumer, one of the most irritating phenomenon of the modern age is calling a labyrinth of never ending extensions only to be hung up on you after you’ve invested 20 minutes trying to find the right person. The other phenomenon is that companies use the slogan “talk to a REAL LIVE PERSON” as a marketing ploy- the equivalent to throwing in a “set of steak knives” when you purchase a blender or a cookbook. It shouldn’t be a marketing ploy, it should just be expected as part of good service and here at G&A, it is.
Now you know if you’ve been a long time client of G&A’s or if you’ve just recently had need to call us, that your call is answered by one of our amazing staff members: Gayle (she’s our receptionist) Lisa or Wendy (our stellar legal secretaries) Sue (our matriarch and office manager) or Jen (me). You also know who you’re calling because we don’t refer to ourselves as “Law Office”, so you know you’ve actually reached the right place and most of the time you know exactly who you’re talking to because we tell you our names!
You may also have been impressed (or shocked in some cases) that we do not have voice mail. A few years ago this may have made us seem antiquated, but after years of being dumped into impersonal voicemail systems which may or may not elicit a return call, our approach is refreshing! You know that the attorney you’ve called will get the message, because you can trust our staff to deliver it. You can also trust them to go above and beyond to help you right then and there if we can.  So thank you to one of our clients for recognizing the extra effort the staff of G&A make every day to ensure our clients feel well taken care of… and until there is an automated system that can look through 2 HUGE files for a client, I think we will keep Gayle!
From: Dan
Sent: Friday, April 16, 2010 7:28 AM
To: Gayle
Subject: Re: Status of your matter
                Thought you’d like to see this… good job, as always.

From: Troy
Sent: Friday, April 16, 2010 7:28 AM
To: Daniel Thompson
Subject: Re: Status of your matter
                Hello Dan,
Just in case you were wondering, the reason I called your office to get the information from the notice of discipline was to use the information in a rebuttal to my annual review. Couldn’t find my original copy so your receptionist was kind enough to read the paragraph to me. Now that’s service!
                Thanks for doing such a great job on my behalf!!
                Warm regards,