It’s possible that your employees have integrity and would never take advantage of you, that your vendors and subcontractors are all above board and your documents, processes and insurances are all in compliance without any loopholes. But it is also possible that an employee might become disgruntled, one of your sub’s is using an illegal workforce, or that there is something missing from your handbook that doesn’t address the very latest regulation or rule.

  • What if a current or former employee files a complaint of harassment and discrimination against you? Do you know how or have time to respond? These claims cost California business like yours millions and can take years to resolve.
  • Are you providing your employees legally required insurances such as worker’s compensation and medical under new Federal laws? Penalties for non-compliance are enormous.
  • Are you properly calculating your employees wages and overtime compensation? Many businesses across the country are hit for incredible amounts of back wages, years after the violation.
  • Do you use subcontractors for any of your business affairs? Do you know what your liabilities are if your subcontracted vendors aren’t compliant? Do you have the time to research everyone of your vendors or subcontractors?
  • What if a customer claims he was injured at your workplace or as a result of your product? Do you have the right kind and sufficent insurance in place? If not, it could mean your business.
  •  What if you have a pregnant employee who wants paid time off of work? Are you required to grant it? Claims by sick, injured or otherwise disabled employees can be the difference between profit and bankruptcy.

 Do you need day to day advice on hiring or termination documents, your employee handbook, how to properly document behavior or discipline an employee? Do you have legal questions but don’t call a lawyer simply because you will billed too much money for a small amount of work? How much do you think it will cost to NOT be legally sound…
If you haven’t had your business legally audited it could be in jeopardy, but what small business has the resources for that type of legal advice? The Business Success Program is the solution for you. It is hard enough doing business in California. Give yourself an advantage. Feel free to call  anytime to discuss the Business Success Program in more detail or to read the basic overview, click Business Success Program